NeoStrata HQ
NeoStrata HQ

NeoStrata Training Seminar.

June kicked off with a wonderful visit to Princeton the home of NeoStrata skin care, where I was lucky enough to learn all about the brand.

As you may know NeoStrata is the pioneer in AHA’s and discovered the extraordinary benefits of AHA’s. We were given a true insight to the brand and how two doctors Dr Van Scott and Dr Yu began treating major skin conditions and achieved outstanding results with AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids)

We then went on to learn all about the many patents, technologies and complexes that NeoStrata not only develop but also license out to many well known skincare brands.

Once we understood all of the advanced patents we took the time to learn about each regime.

Restore – Anti ageing skin care for sensitive / reactive skins

Refine – Anti ageing skin care for oily / acne skins

Resurface – Anti ageing skin care for advanced resurfacingGIRL2

Targeted – Anti ageing skin care for specific needs

Skin Active – Powerful advanced anti ageing for 40+

Another exciting part of our training was a trip around the laboratory to see how the formulas are created, stored and tested. The whole team are so passionate about the products!

On the final day we were trained on the complete range of NeoStrata ProSystem. A collection of clinic peels for professional use only. Designed with a low PH and free acid to treat minor to advanced skin conditions.

After days of study, clinical data and case studies and a wealth of science NeoStrata made sure to treat us to some wonderful offsite trips. We were taken on a tour of the stunning town of Princeton, brought to enormous shopping malls and wined and dined each evening! Certainly a trip to remember.

As you can see from my cheesy grin I passed my training with flying colours, so if you are interested in learning about NeoStrata or offering it as a retail or professional range I would be delighted to organise some training.

Just pop me an email, and I would be delighted to arrange a training date!



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